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Hello and welcome to my little home on the internet!!! You can call me Nick! :D

There's not much to see here yet (aside from all the broken links), but I'm planning to make this site a place where I can collate all the stuff that means a lot to me! There'll also be some useful stuff lying around, so feel free to look!

I hope you enjoy your stay here! This site will always be changing, so check back whenever! >:D

And by the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! >:D

News + Updates

December 15, 2022

haven't been able to update for a while because of studies ^^;

by the way, thanks so much to all the people that left nice messages on my site! i really appreciate them! ;v;

  • created a dedicated box for webrings! (planning on joining a lot >:D)
  • in fact, i've joined the retroring! retro gaming enthusiasts unite!!
  • also changed the look of the yesterweb widget. though now it uses javascript ^^;
  • moved the blinkies to the bottom of the page
  • added a new blog called "The Struggles of Web Development"
  • added a new blinkie (but you're gonna have to find it >:])

October 26, 2022

hey again! it's been 2 months since i made changes to this site. a lot has happened, and i still haven't gotten around to finishing tiny space T_T

who knows when i'll get to working on deep space...

unfortunately, this also means that i wasn't able to do anything special for halloween T_T

  • added more art!
  • brought back the resources page with a new look! and added some more resources
  • finally, the neighbors page is here!! go visit their sites!!!!
  • added a link to the github repository of this site, in case anyone wants to take a look :>
  • added the credits page for some common stuff on the site
  • added a test blog... which means the blog elements are done!

August 12, 2022

hello! college is starting very soon for me, so i may not have the time to update the site in the upcoming days... :(

was able to get some stuff done on the website though, at least ^^; wish me luck at college! :D

  • added and modified the creations and thoughts pages!
  • put back the first blog page. another one coming soon!
  • changed the look of the art galleries. there are also modals for them now! check it out!
  • fixed the media queries!
  • added some more semantic HTML elements!

August 9, 2022

it's been a while since i updated, and the site's not quite finished, but here's what i did for now ;u;

(in other news, i got github running and am using it to push changes to my site!! which also means i need to start over a little, hence the broken links)

  • fixed the code for the layout of the whole website (subtle, but it made a lot of big changes)
  • reworked the whole file hierarchy system (you can't see the effect, but it did make everything harder for me :"D)
  • finally, the site makes better use of semantic elements TuT
  • custom bullet colors! everything looks so colorful now!
  • the about page has been revamped! check it out here!
  • the ocs page has been revamped (though the wiki pages themselves are still unavailable)! check it out here!
  • you probably noticed, but there's a landing page now! :D
  • reworked the music script for the site! music can now play inside the iframe properly without disrupting kirby's music! (you'll see this in effect soon)
  • here's an easter egg: each page now has a unique look when outside the iframe! (just thought it would be nice ^^;)
  • additionally, links have been added at the bottom of the page to either scroll to the top or return to the iframe!
  • fixed the position of the status
  • made the span that controls the site's music into a button
  • added custom link colors when hovered on
  • made some changes to the mobile version of the site (notably, removed kirby D:)
  • fixed it so that the contents of the site stay at the center even when the screen is zoomed out

July 22, 2022

a few changes, but good ones! >:3

planning a lot of things for the next update... for now i just want to share the button already ToT

  • like i just mentioned... the site finally has a button! check it out over at the right TwT
  • switched the locations of the updatelog and chatbox
  • modified the updatelog a little ^^
  • a link to the guestbook has FINALLY been added!! leave a message if you like! :D
  • added a placeholder worm hole to deep space... who knows what's in there? O.O
  • a custom cursor! hooray!! :D
  • added a little kitty cat over at the visitor box!
  • added some more color to the yesterweb widget :Dc

July 13, 2022

again, mostly a bunch of invisible changes :P

there are still a lot of changes coming though! i've got a lot of stuff i wanna do >:3c

  • joined the yesterweb webring, so i added the widget! >:D
  • added some collections in the graphics area!
  • modified the appearance of some pages...
  • cleaned up my css... it's more organized now. somewhat
  • added js by melon that fixes the iframe links on the site. huge shoutout to him! TvT

July 10, 2022

it's crazy how much i was able to update the website in the span of 2 days...

by the way, i added my first blog!! come see >:3

  • fixed the font sizes, margins, padding, and other properties to make it look more compact!
  • reworked the header and removed the bottom marquee. i think having too many marquees lags the website...
  • removed, added, and moved around some graphics!
  • moved the update log here, to the right column.
  • moved the status up where the header is
  • finally added a website counter to the left column...
  • added a bunch of new pages!!! still incomplete though. check the sitemap for more details!
  • made kirby slightly more accurate... i think.
  • fixed the code for the iframe scroll. now the iframe is centered in the middle of the screen TvT
  • changed the way links work. still unsatisfied with it though...
  • tweaked the responsiveness of my site a little >:D

July 7, 2022

this site went through a lot of (mostly invisible) changes, so here they are!!

  • more buttons, blinkies, and stamps!! looks like there's more color to the site now! i'll be adding them all in the collection soon enough :D
  • changed some fonts!
  • changed the links on the navigation menu and added some new (but unfinished) pages!
  • removed the art gallery for now. i'll be revamping it!
  • changed the divider!
  • finally cleaned up my code... so some problems with the boxes have been fixed T.T
  • cleaned up the right column. not done yet with the contents...!
  • overhauled the music player. though i might still fix its appearance on mobile...
  • new scrollbars!
  • added code to make the page scroll to the iframe when clicking on a link in the navigation menu. works great for mobile!

July 3, 2022

art fight has gotten me confused as to what i should prioritize first... but anyway, i've made some important changes

  • changed the way the website works. it now relies on an iframe to show content. this makes it easier for things such as the music to carry over between pages! (and it's also super easy to fix problems on each page now...!) i'll check if this creates any problems though...
  • changed the music player's appearance in preparation for an overhaul. so for now, it's broken. don't mind that ^^;
  • changed the content of the boxes in the right column. mostly as a reminder for myself
  • updated the art gallery! i've overhauled its appearance and it now shows all the art that I've been meaning to add for a while. i also changed the first paragraph and removed the dancing cat (sorry). not sure if the first part looks better without an image though...
  • moved the update log to the home page and re-added the status. not yet done with the website counter though, sorry
  • moved the chatbox and guestbook links down. not sure if that's a good idea since it's not immediately noticeable, but i'll figure something out.
  • still in the process of overhauling the naming convention for the site's assets and putting everything in the right folders...
  • reduced the height of the main container so the important content can easily be readable in computer screens
  • fixed the footer contents

Wanna link to my site? Here's my button! :D

(I recommend you download the image instead, since I might make further changes to my website and break the link to it... TwT)

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