Hi there! My name's Nick. I'm the webmaster running this website. I made this website because I wanted to have a little personal space of my own online (hence the site's name). I'm a little tired of how corporate and impersonal social media and the internet as a whole can be nowadays...

It's been really fun learning about web development and making this website from the ground up!! Having a place where I can freely share the things I love is amazing! ^v^ I was inspired by a lot of unique Neocities websites as well as the old web, indie web, and small web. (I definitely recommend researching about them!)

Anyway, that's all from me. I hope you enjoy your stay here! :D

My Interests

  • technology
  • programming :D
  • gaming (esp retro/indie)
  • art

Have something you wanna talk about? Send me a message at starrsexplorestheweb@gmail.com! ^^

You can also find me on Tumblr under the username @starryhill!

(I also have a Discord, but that's something I don't just give out to strangers. Sorry!)

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